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Senior Pastor John Wesonga gave his life to Christ in high school at the Christian Union Club. Having been brought up in the Islamic faith where he prayed several times a day, he was converted and was glued in praying several times a day but this time to the Almighty Savior Jesus Christ. At age of 22, Pastor John Wesonga was called into ministry and became ordained and trained minister of the Gospel. He is an alumnus of East Africa School of Theology, Ashworth University, and Trinity Theological Seminary. He has a degree in Business Administration and Pastoral Ministry.

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Our Story

Co-Pastor Alice Wesonga was saved as a teenager and has never regretted the choice to walk in the light of God. She is a full-time mother, pastor's wife, women's leader, Sunday School Director, and an active member of the church.

In 2004  Pastor John and Alice Wesonga began a home bible study fellowship and the fellowship eventually grew in number. In 2006, International Faith Outreach Ministry was launched in Springfield, Massachusetts. In 2011, International Faith Outreach Ministry became an affiliated member of  Christian Community Fellowship (CCF).


Pastor John and Alice Wesonga are blessed with four children Joel, Elijah, Gloria, and Grace, whom all serve in the ministry as well. The church is filled with loving, devoted, members spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to the brokenhearted all over the world with great mighty support from leaders, members, friends, neighbors, and residents.  Through the power of our Almighty God, we experience great miracles during our weekly services and invite you to join us. 


Office Hours:

Monday 9am-2:30pm

Wednesday 9am-2:30pm


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